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Cherry-picked AI model demos are not our style; we take pride in offering an in – depth analysis of algorithmic design for AI solutions.



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Step into the world of AI with our exclusive courses for professionals. Stay ahead in evolving industries with tailored content and hands-on demos, sharpening your practical skills through coding exercises and challenging tasks at every step.


Fostering a community of AI enthusiasts and equipping individual learners with the knowledge and skills to thrive as AI experts in their respective fields

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Faculty Profile

Our team of faculties comprises highly skilled and experienced AI consultants and trainers with over 30 years of industry expertise.


Specializing in machine learning, deep learning, generative models, NLP, reinforcement learning, and more, they bring a wealth of knowledge to their training programs.


With a strong understanding of statistics, mathematics, and optimization, they deliver comprehensive training on platforms like AWS, Azure, and MLOps deployment. With a proven track record of training over 60,000 professionals, and consulting for corporates like Microsoft, Accenture, PwC, BOSCH, BCG to name a few.


Known for their expertise, our team of faculties are highly sought-after professionals in the field, driven by a strong commitment to empower learners in the realm of AI.



Years of exp

Number of batches


–         Descriptive and Inferential statistics for DS/ML

15 years

300+ batches

Maths for ML/DS

–         Linear algebra, Linear transformation

–         Matrix decomposition, Derivatives and Gradients

12 years

300+ batches

Machine learning

–         Distance based models., Tree based models.

–         Vector based models., Ensemble models.

–         Generalizations, Bias & variance, Model evaluation. Model interpretation

10 years

350+ batches

Deep learning

–         Perceptrons, MLPs, CNNs, RNNs, Transfer learning, Optimization

7 years

100+ batches


–         Text processing, vectorization and embeddings, NER, IR/IR, Language models,

7 years

70+ batches

Generative AI

–         Autoencoders, GANs, VAEs, BM, RBMs

–         Sequence models, Transformers, BERT

5+ years

80+ batches

Reinforcement learning

–         Multiarmed bandits, Dynamic programming, MC method, TD methods, DQNs, Policy gradient based models

5+ years

40+ batches


–         OpenAI GPTs, Azure OpenAI, Embeddings, LangChain, RAG, Lama index, Quantization and PEFT. Fine tuning

Since Dec-2022

11 batches